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A website that resonates can

What would an authentic website look like for you?

We are designers, dreamers, & doers

Committed to telling your story beautifully.

Authentic website design starts with thoughtful strategy, clear communication, and a whole lot of fun! It can feel overwhelming at first but once you get started on your journey you won’t want to stop. Let’s collaborate on a message that feels right to you! Let’s make something that feels like you!

What we do best...

We help thoughtful individuals and groups grow with vision, authenticity, and creativity.

Web Design & Development

Strategic designs to fit your brand, message & vision in a digital space.

Training Resources

Website training guides, educational resources and training sessions.


Crafting identity through visuals and messaging.

Social Content

Templates to highlight services, products, events & more!

Print / Digital Designs

Businness cards, letterheads, product packaging & beyond!

Tell me all of your ideas...

and let's co-create something awesome!

Our adaptive approach to web development has been refined with you in mind! We don’t want you to look like anyone else. Each of our projects has a different intention – purpose – goal – and vision. We take the time to listen to your ideas and create something that is 100% unique to you!

We love what we do!

Collaboration has been our calling card since 2011.

At CurlyHost we work with a wide range of industries. (Nonprofits – Restaurants – eCommerce – Service-Based – Wellness – and so on!)

Our specialty is finding unique voices, visuals, and also the intentionality behind every business. In order to curate a website and brand that fulfills not only its messaging but also its needs.


Website Projects Since 2011

We've done it before, and we can do it for you!

Explore the digital spaces we've transformed:

"We had an amazing experience working with CurlyHost.

We are a small organization covering a large area of impact throughout Michigan. Our site needed to represent us in diverse communities, regions, and cultures where people with MG could find tools, information and a supportive community to live their best life with Myasthenia Gravis.” – Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of Michigan

Start your Curly Journey

Contact our Creative Director Directly! Our clients are the reason we do what we do. Chat with Andrea any time.

Okay - What is holding you back?

Let's get all of the typical worries out on the table.

We bill at $75/hour and start all projects with a 20 hour retainer before jumping in. After that we transition to monthly billing based on your requests and needs.
Most projects have a two month turn around with the first few weeks spent going over strategy and design and the last few weeks spent going over development and bug fixes.
We guarantee that you will love your new site. It will be built with the latest WordPress framework, plugins, themes, etc., and you will have a good understanding for how to update it moving forward.