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Nonprofit Website

Safe Haven Ministries

Safe Haven Ministries’ residential and non-residential services are available to individuals and families who have experienced or who are experiencing domestic abuse, human trafficking, and exploitation. Safe Haven Ministries is survivor-centered – they empower and support each individual wherever they are in their healing journey. 

Safe Haven Ministries worked with CurlyHost for a second time to overhaul their website with a modern look and bright, hopeful feel.

Website Design & Development

A New Look for Safe Haven Ministries

CurlyHost created a new look and feel for Safe Haven, giving its digital space a breath of fresh air. Soft colors and bright illustrations give the website a distinct feel and a positive outlook for the difficult topic of domestic violence.

Catering to multiple users stories, CurlyHost’s primary concern was that users seeking help would feel safe on an easy-to-navigate website. Options for a quick exit and helpful resources are front and center, while also incorporating clear options for donor support and organizational trainings.

Website Highlights