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CurlyHost is made up of an evolving group of local freelancers headed up by Andrea Napierkowski. We all have had diverse backgrounds with a variety of skillsets that come in handy when faced with a new website challenge. Below are some of the primary players at CurlyHost. We love collaborating with creatives with different points of view. Contact us if you think you’d bring something new to our ranks.

Meet Andrea

The Woman Behind The Hair

Andrea Napierkowski has an insatiable thirst to learn. Starting college at the age of 14 she explored many different educational paths ranging from science to history to cooking and finally international relations. Stumbling upon web development in her early 20s Andrea had an aggressive pursuit for her craft averaging the launch of a new site every week. With her ability to understand diverse points of view Andrea has constantly pursued different design concepts that keep CurlyHost’s websites fresh and unique.

Andrea’s other interests range in her love of community, passion for cooking and documentary films. For over 10 years Andrea has invited strangers who become friends into her home to watch and discuss documentary films. Andrea loves cooking for people and delights in the conversations that arise over communal meals. Andrea’s other passions include doting on her two cats and dog, lots of physical activity, and complex crime dramas.

Meet Jamie

Marketing Aficionado

Jamie Spohn is a website development, layout, design, and marketing aficionado with a knack for e-commerce. From a young age, Jamie jumped right into problem-solving the web, print, and marketing world. As an entrepreneur, Jamie is fueled by helping other businesses succeed in developing a strong brand. When Jamie is steps away from her desk, you may find her organizing her sticker collection, venturing outdoors, baking up something sweet, or her personal favorite, preparing puns for the CurlyHost gang.

Meet Alex

Coding Guru

Alex Ziuraitis is a recent graduate from Grand Valley State University with degrees in marketing and studio art. Mixing these two specialties he’s constantly on the lookout to expand his passion for design and web development. As a Michigan native, Alex finds enjoyment in the outdoors. Because of this eagerness to explore, he currently resides in Colorado spending his free time in the mountains.

Meet Malinda

Artist & Creator

Malinda Spohn is an accomplished artist, illustrator, web developer, and content creator. You’ll find Malinda either in her art studio or enjoying the great outdoors. With a passion for animals and nature, this plant-eater is always up for an adventure. Her dedication to saving animals drives her artwork which includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, poetry and more!

CurlyHost is made up of an evolving crew of Grand Rapids freelancers who love making websites. We specialize in WordPress sites and have over 400 projects under our belts.

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