Who is CurlyHost...?

We are a female-led crew of creatives, content curators, & digital dream makers!

Each of us brings a different skill-set to the table. We conceptualize, create, build, and bug-fix! Our collaborative way of working goes beyond our team - it applies to our clients too! We know our business, and you know yours - so let's create a digital masterpiece together.


We construct with your concepts, visions, and brand voice through creative implementation so that you have a unique representation in the digital space.


You always get opportunity to give your opinion. Our team works alongside your ideas and when we are done, you’ll have something you can’t wait to show off!


We are committed to developing a website and brand that you will love! And give you the tools to feel confident about using – editing and growing your business.

Andrea Napierkowski

Owner & Creative Director

Growing up, Andrea Napierkowski was fostered with an insatiable thirst to learn. Being homeschooled, she was able to start college at the age of 14. “One of the things I loved about going to college early was I didn’t have any pressure to fit in. My community college was filled with all walks of life and I was free to explore anything I wanted. From ballet, history, gourmet cooking, and choir – I treasure those early years when I didn’t know what I wanted and was free to explore everything.” Andrea ended up with a BA in international relations and a career in the food industry. When she stumbled onto web development a few years later she knew she had found a fit and completed over 50 websites in her first year.

With her appreciation for different viewpoints, Andrea has excelled at creating fresh and original design concepts, curating a unique and growing portfolio. As the business grew, Andrea’s team and output also grew. To date, CurlyHost has worked on over 750 websites – we’d love to add you to our list!

When I'm not building websites I'm...


Marketing Aficionado


Artist & Design Creator


Web Developer & Fixer of Things

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