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Healthcare Website

West Michigan Cancer Center

West Michigan Cancer Center has cared for thousands of people with all types of cancer across southwest Michigan. WMCC’s mission is to provide compassionate and innovative cancer care to achieve the best possible outcomes and quality of life for their patients. 

WMCC was in the process of rebranding as part of its growth. With this in mind, WMCC turned to CurlyHost to design and develop a website that reflects the high level of care WMCC has for their patients.

Web Design & Development

A New Look for WMCC

Using the color palette from their new logo, CurlyHost designed a fresh and clean website layout that anticipates the users’ primary concerns and places them front and center for easy access.

We designed several key pieces of information architecture including a mega menu, fixed page menus, and collapsable information accordians.

Website Highlights

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CurlyHost was honored to collaborate with WMCC on a website that brings empathy and care to patients through creative design.

WMCC puts their patients first in everything they do, and their website redesign was no different. CurlyHost understood their desire to bring as much comfort and peace of mind to their users as possible.