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The CurlyHost Process...

We have you in mind every step of the way - so in the end, you'll have something you feel proud to show off!

You're only 10 steps away from seeing your vision come to life!

1. First Steps

We get to know your goals!

Our introduction phase is the key to creating something extraordinary! We take the time to get to know your intention – purpose – goal – and vision. Your project questionnaire is where we gather input on where you’ve been and where you’d like to go.

2. Project Plan

We craft a unified vision.

After we have gotten to know your wants and desires we will package a customized proposal. This document will go over cost – next steps – and other general information so you know exactly what to expect as things progress.

With the sign-off of your proposal, we also ask for a deposit. Once your deposit is received (payment by check is preferred), the Curly Crew will jump in to kick off your project! 

3. Branding Development

We develop OR enhance your DNA.

We start by collecting everything created for your business or idea and develop a visual language specifically for you. We find where there are ideas that may need to be developed and create assets to flesh out your digital personality.

Send us your files using Google Drive or WeTransfer – email to [email protected]

*If there are any other design files you have such as presentations, graphics etc., feel free to send those along as well.

4. Layout Design

We set the foundation.

We will take everything we’ve learned and create a first draft for your site. All you have to do is relax as your ideas become solidified into a layout. This idea will set the foundation for the rest of your project to be built around.

5. Design Review

Let's realign your goals!

We give you space to share each step along the way. And this is a BIG one. After the Curly Crew has crafted a concept, we want your feedback on how it resonates and where we could explore it further. We’re here to ensure your idea gets represented thoughtfully. Expect pivots and turns as your vision becomes more solidified!

6. Website Development

We infuse your ideas with life.

Everything will be design files and graphics up to this point, but in this next phase, you’ll see those concepts take life in the digital world. We are talking page links, website forms, shopping experiences, sliders, animation, and all the things that come together to create your custom website!

7. Development Review

We make sure you like how it moves!

As we build out your website’s internal pages, you’ll get to leave comments and feedback so that each page reflects your goals and interacts the way you want it to. And even better… you get to see changes in real-time and be able to leave additional feedback as you click around your site. All this through the editing tool – UsePastel!

8. Marketing Materials

We craft a cohessive message!

We specialize in taking your digital pieces and crafting a cohesive message for any of your other marketing platforms. Anything your company needs to get your voice – product – or services out into the world, we can work through together.

9. Training

We put you in the driver's seat!

We take pride in giving our clients the resources and know-how to use their websites. Through virtual training and our ever-growing resource library, you will know how to make text edits – add new images – create a blog post – or keep your shop up to date. It is YOUR website, and we want you to feel good about that.
CurlyHost creative director Andrea woking on a website design and development project

10. Launch!

We stick around to watch the fireworks!

This is our favorite part of the process! We took everything we’ve discussed – worked on it together – and made it live for all to see and use. This is why we do what we do – to help people and businesses like you find your visual voice and give you the tools to shout it from the rooftop! Once you do that, we’ll stick around to ensure your site meets your client’s needs.

11. Are You Ready To Get Bonus Points?

We would love to hear from you!

When all is said and done we would love to get your feedback, thoughts, ideas – all are welcome!

We aim to continue to grow for each of our client’s needs.

Start your Curly Journey

Contact our Creative Director Directly! Our clients are the reason we do what we do. Chat with Andrea any time.