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Curly Process!

We make web design fun. At CurlyHost, we don’t tell you what we want to do. We work with you to figure out what needs to be done. Be our partner in making cool stuff.

The web design process isn’t a straight line. You might even call it curly. Every project is different, but it will probably look something like this.


A website is only as useful as the thought, time, and effort put into planning and laying the groundwork. Take the time to understand what you want and need.

Moodboards & Wireframes

A moodboard helps us understand your creative likes and dislikes and wireframes act as a “skeleton” version of your website. We use both to determine a creative direction early on.

Logo & Branding

A logo symbolizes your organization’s identity and branding is your organization’s distinctive design. We give you a consistent design to ensure your users recognize you immediately across multiple channels.

Layout Design

Layout design is the harmony between the content and visual elements on a website page. We play Tetris with the layout until everything fits together nicely.

Content Creation & Sitemaps

You know your business better than anyone. But if you need, we can help write and edit clear, concise, and compelling content, then organize it intuitively into pages with an understandable sitemap.

Revisions & Revisions

Website design is a layered and involving process. We often cycle through a few iterations, remaining flexible to get it just right. This is a natural part of the creative process.

Development & Testing

During the development phase, changes are being made to the code, plugins, and other behind-the-scenes website elements. We test everything on the backend to make sure it all functions as it should.

Launch & Training

Launching a website isn’t quite as easy as pushing a button and walking away. We make final edits, tie up loose ends, and create training materials so you can take control of your website.

Social Media Basics

A website is only one piece of your digital footprint. We can set you up with a general social media direction, templates and logins.


When a website is left unattended it can be vulnerable to hacking, spam, and other issues. We log in to our clients’ websites monthly to give everything a once-over.