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Sarah Moneybrake Interior Design

Sarah Moneybrake started SMID realizing the need for quality design partners in the hospitality and commercial fields. With her degree in design, her NCIDQ Certification, and over 10 years of experience creating spaces, she’s developed an authentic approach that is utilized by architects, builders, consultants, developers, and owners. The core of her method is understanding how the human mind responds to design.

Looking to take her interior design business to the next level, Sarah reached out to CurlyHost for help transforming her vision into an online format.

Website Design

A New Look for Sarah Moneybrake Interior Design

CurlyHost built Sarah an exciting website that captures her design aesthetic and elevates her brand to a whole new level. The new website’s vibe is clean and minimal, with geometric elements and high-quality images that give it a design-forward edginess.

The site’s layout is fresh, with pop open navigation and overlapping text elements that bring in an unboxed feeling while still organizing information in sections to make the site easy to navigate.  The content writing is user-focused, creating an inviting space in the design world that can otherwise be intimidating. Sarah’s new online look is just as unique as she is and ready for business.

Website Highlights

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The CurlyCrew absolutely loved partnering with Next Stage Labs! Every step of the way they provided great feedback with their new branding assets and website! It was fun working with a group of women that are experts in the field of the ornamental plant industry – make sure to check out their site!