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Nonprofit Website

Domestic Violence Community Coordinated Response Team

The DVCCRT creates a space that allows for open discussion of difficult cases, problem solving to better serve victims, discussion of more effective and accountable services for perpetrators, collaboration among agencies, creation of sub-committees to address particular concerns, and discussion of ideas on how to increase awareness of domestic violence and its devastating effects on our community.

Having worked with CurlyHost on a partner website, DVCCRT reached out to us for a website refresh that would connect them more with their users.

Website Design & Development

A New Look for DVCCRT

Domestic violence is a complicated subject matter and CurlyHost was mindful in creating a website that offered easy access to resources for users in distress, as well as information and options for agencies and donors to offer support. 

We incorporated refreshing colors and illustrations to visually convey an inspirational message of hope. 

Website Highlights