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Will a WordPress Multisite support a single shopping cart and checkout experience?

Looking to fine-tune your customer’s checkout experience across multiple brands and product groups?

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Though this is easy to tackle using different categories or collections. What if you want to have different navigation menus, landing pages, and even logos?

Whether you have several separate websites and you’re looking to combine them, acquiring a new company, or looking to make the ease of shopping easier on your customers, we can help! Supporting different brands and separate website destinations is possible through leveraging the tools of WordPress’s multisite, WooCommerce, and a handful of curated plugins.


Let’s dive in! Our goal here is to help customers shop between several different connected brands within one shared cart. Not only is this easier for business owners to manage orders and reports, but shopping also becomes a breeze when customers can easily navigate between brands while shopping.


It sounds too good to be true, but a single plugin is all you need to have a WordPress multisite that supports a shared cart! Check it out:

WooCommerce Global Cart Starts at $230/one-time

  • A customer can shop across all stores. 
  • Single interface for all orders for faster order processing
  • Global Reports

What other functionality should you consider when creating a shopping experience through WordPress’s multisite setup?

  • Search Results that pull from all of your brands, posts, or products. 
  • Advanced Menus that connect each of your sites for easy navigation.

Have you used WooCommerce Global Cart to improve the shopping experience of your customers or does it sound like a good fit for your customers? Reach out, we’d love to chat!

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