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How to Customize a WooCommerce Checkout Experience

Each website builder comes with their own set of key differentiators and one of our favorites aspects of working with the Wordpress and Woocommerce mix is the vast availability of customizations.

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Often, we see businesses switch from DIY website builders (Shopify, Squarespace, Wix… to name a few) to WordPress. It comes with cost advantages and even the most basic code is unlocked and available for customization on WordPress if you know how to maneuver through some light coding or have a developer friend (wink, wink).

All this to say, one of the most frequent requests we see surrounds the checkout process. By default, WooCommerce has a straight forward 1 page form, however companies like Amazon and even Shopify have shown breaking this into separate pages has real advantages when it comes to making the sale.

Check out this - no-coding required - checkout customization plugin.

* WooFunnels *

Around $200/year

If you are all about the details, this extension is for you! They have a template called “ShopCheckout” that mirrors Shopify’s checkout templates nearly perfectly with status bars, sidebar updates, and a minimal-distraction checkout process.

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