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How do I get paid online?

It’s easy to collect payments online. Here are a few ways you can incorporate online payments in your current business.

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Why should you offer online payments?

  • Promote advanced technology and ease of use. No need to mail in a check or waste time on the phone.
  • Time saver for your customers. Don’t wait in line, pay ahead, skip the wait, and swing into pickup your order.
  • Get paid faster! No one likes chasing open invoices or “Cash on Delivery” orders, it’s so much easier when you offer an easy and safe way to pay online.


What online payment methods are there?

Through WooCommerce and WordPress, the options are nearly endless for offering ways to pay online:

  • Pay Any Amount. Use for fundraising, auctions, and so on.
  • Subscriptions – Collect Recurring Charges easily.
  • Payment Portal – Login to pay bills, view invoices…etc.
  • Online Gift Cards – Use for gift guides and makes for an easy upsell.


Check out these fun and functional examples:


Ready to offer your customers an easier way to pay?

Reach out for a custom solution to fit your product or service.

Want to learn more? Check out the following payment services: Stripe, Square, Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Quickbooks, and Chime.

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