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Branding With CurlyHost

How we create a visual language that represents the core beliefs of a group of people. How we attach a name and reputation to your idea!

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A brand is far more than the name, symbol, or trademark that highlights its origin. A brand is imbued with a unique set of values that define its character. It works as an underwritten contract promising to deliver satisfaction by providing consistent quality when bought, used, or experienced. Brands seek to connect emotionally with their consumers to ensure that they are always the first and only choice, creating lifelong relationships.

The manipulation and control of a brand’s image have become more important than the real thing the brand represents. Rather than a brand existing to sell more of a particular product, products are developed to directly act as vehicles for the brand’s values.

The whole brand creation process, its design, and marketing have become vital to the success of any new product service or venture. The image-makers are central to our modern consumer culture.

Why do we brand?

Trust is one of the key reasons why we brand. As a result, it has become central to marketing almost all products and services – used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Why we brand goes way beyond just the logo – it encompasses the whole company directive.

Successful brands reduce anxiety when making choices. The more we sense we know about a product, the less anxious we feel about purchasing it. A brand promises to deliver quality and predictability, and to do this, it must become recognizable. This connection is based upon reputation and repetition.


A brand is a mark that represents the strapline of that company’s values. A strapline is a tagline that sums up the brand in a line, describing the brand’s culture, identity, and personality. To succeed at branding, you must understand the strapline that touches on the needs and wants of your consumer.


The practice of branding is about creating differentiation, making one product or service seem different from competitor products. Brand values are the core beliefs or philosophies that a brand holds, differentiating it from its competitors. One way to identify a brand personality is to use a set of human characteristics to characterize your brand. These are grouped into five core dimensions.

If successful, a branding strategy will create the perception in the mind of consumers that there is no other product or service on the market quite the same. As a brand is ultimately a promise made to a consumer to deliver consistently, therefore, is the act of creating a physical set of attributes, a brand name, a brand identity, strapline, and so on with less tangible assets such as the emotional benefit offered by the brand.

Websites can reflect sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, or ruggedness. Check out these visual identities we helped curate that align with these companies desired digital personas.


domestic - honesty - genuine - cheerful


daring - spirited - imaginative - up-to-date


reliable - responsible - dependable - efficient


glamorous - pretentious - charming - romantic


rugged - outdoorsy - solid

Ready to explore your brand?

Products are the vehicles that get your ideas into the minds of your users – they are secondary to the overall strategy of your website. The primary goal of your website is to navigate the unique perspective that your brand is bringing to the table. Every touch point that your users have with your brand needs to feel cohesive to your overall concept. What are values you’re trying to sell?

If you’d like help navigating your brand’s visual identity we’ll like to help you craft that together. We can help you build a visual brand book for how to present yourself to the world digitally in a way that feels authentic and manageable. We’ll help you craft taglines and values that will bring each touchpoint that you create together for a website that really flows.

You’re creating the rules to your game and you need to make those rules clear with your website. We help craft visual identities for clients who want to authentically connect to their users. We build the rule book for how to play the game of your business. Let’s connect over a zoom and see if we could play well together and craft something completely unique to you.

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