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City of White Cloud

A beautiful Michigan city on the banks of the White River, the City of White Cloud is a town defined by its community. With an expanding commercial park, rich scenic views, and a small-town feel, White Cloud captures the adventurous spirit of the true North.

The City of White Cloud had a dated and purely functional website that needed a major reorganization of content coupled with a design overhaul to show off the rich beauty and natural appeal of the town. 

Website Design & Development

A New Look for the City of White Cloud

The City of White Cloud website got a major CurlyHost style makeover – bringing in lots of inspiring outdoor imagery, a refreshing color palette of greens and blues, and a complete content restructuring that makes finding that one document from last year’s meeting a breeze!

To keep things looking tidy and the mountain of documents and paperwork looking their best, we created accordion dropdowns and file management archives to help handle the large amount of content and make it easy to update.

Website Highlights