This year may have had plenty of challenges, but one thing we know for sure, we have plenty to be thankful for! These furry friends work the longest hours without a single complaint. From lap sitters to door watchers, our pets continue to bring us so much laughter and joy while also inspiring us in our projects.

We hope you enjoy meeting our furry companions and, if you have a pet or are considering expanding your family, check out our websites that highlight animal products or services, including our latest project Pet Tales Rescue!

I wish you and yours wags and good wishes!


Meet some of the CurlyHost companions!

Bear Bear

Bear Bear is a QUEEN and she knows it! When Bear Bear loves you, she lets you know it too. There’s nothing quite like waking up to her kneading your chest in the morning to gently remind you that you could touch her exquisite, soft fur. What I appreciate most about Bear Bear is her firm understanding of boundaries. She loves being pet but she’s not a slave to it. She eats only freshly prepared food and fends Jon off with assertive taps to the nose to regularly remind him he’s getting too nosey.

PET TIP: Bear Bear will let you know when it’s time to start petting her. She will alert you when your session is up with painful, aggressive biting.


Lexi is a princess and has given me false expectations for how great a companion a dog can truly be. With her thoughtful eye contact and a strong desire to sit directly behind wherever you might be sitting, this sweet girl has been a steady friend over the last decade. Her graying face and strong sighs in the evenings lend me to try to hold on to every moment I have with her. You’ll most likely find her curled up or keeping an eye out for the company.

PET TIP: Always leave a little space behind you.


Jonathan is a prince and I think he’s just precious. He massages my feet at night if I place the fleece blanket just right and wakes me up in the morning like a natural alarm clock with loud mewing when it’s time to fill his food bowl. He truly is the man of the house gallantly making his rounds around the perimeter of the backyard to make sure we’re all safe. He guards Bear Bear with his life but she wouldn’t know it. He’s too noble to let his loving intentions be known to her. To her, Jonathan will always be just an annoyance.

PET TIP: Check your corners and make sure there aren’t any live chipmunks running around trying to find an exit.


Luna loves it all. Food, people, other animals. She can never have enough belly or ear scratches and is always up for a game of fetch. In her free time, she enjoys going for walks through her neighborhood no matter the weather, taking naps while snoring incredibly loud, and chasing her cousins Tuna & Fish through the house. She is a true companion, loyal friend, and a bit of a goofball.

PET TIP: You can wake her up from a dead sleep just by saying the “W” word… Walk!


Tuna is a softie. He likes things at his own pace – if it is pets, needing some space, or the way one tosses a toy. He is the trim one from his hefty brother Fish, BUT don’t let his slim figure fool you – anytime he hears food, he will burst across the house from a state of deep sleep. He loves attacking strings if they are on the ground, or, actually, anywhere.

PET TIP: Bring Strings!


Fish likes to keep things interesting. His spunk for finding new things to play with and his search for affection causes for constant laughter. He is best compared to a teenager that’s acting out for attention. When he feels like behaving, he likes to curl up on a lap and watch leaves fall from the sky. He also has a weird thing for licking curtains. TMI? Sorry!

PET TIP: Play a bird watching video on YouTube.


Maggie is an indoor girl and is quite shy, which is a nice way of saying she barks at everything. She’s my indoor shadow, never more than a few feet away and probably asleep. She loves to play fetch but tires easily due to some health problems that give her low energy. Maggie takes clean floors very seriously and monitors us very closely for drops and spills.

PET TIP: Make sure you close the food bin loosely.


Luna is an outdoor girl, who loves all of the different weathers. You are as likely to find her laying comfortably in the yard in a snowstorm as you are on a warm spring day. She loves the woods and the trails and makes a great backpacking companion. She would probably be happiest if we sold our house and moved into a tent. Despite her wild streak, she is very social and loves other dogs and people.

PET TIP: Explore the game trail on your next hike.