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Service-Based Website

REB Design

REB Design is committed to achieving excellence, they specialize in delivering top-notch designs, precise equipment selections, and meticulous food service construction documents that seamlessly blend with architectural visions while meeting project deadlines. Whether it’s a charming boutique cafe or a large-scale commissary kitchen, REB Design goes above and beyond to craft comprehensive food service documents and efficiently secure approvals from local health departments, enabling businesses to thrive.

To further extend their reach and showcase their remarkable portfolio of work, REB Design joined forces with CurlyHost. Together, we have built an intuitive platform that highlights REB Design’s exquisite projects, elaborates on their top-quality services, and facilitates seamless connections with prospective customers.

Web Development

A New Look for REB Design

REB Design’s aspiration for a clean, professional, and intuitive website to showcase their impressive portfolio found a perfect match in CurlyHost. Collaborating closely, CurlyHost delivered precisely what was envisioned – a seamless, user-friendly platform. The website’s design is elegantly simple, allowing effortless navigation through their extensive project gallery. Each project is beautifully displayed with large, high-quality images, capturing the essence of their exceptional work.

Website Highlights