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Restaurant Website

Public House Brewing Company

After selling their wives on the idea of owning and operating a brewery, Josh Stacy and Josh Goodridge opened Public House Brewing Company to share their beer with their hometown of Rolla, MO. Public House Brewery is the town’s first brewpub, and people from all walks of life stop in to try Public House beer.

Public House Brewing Company started with only what they needed to make the best craft beer in Missouri — no more, no less. Since then, they have experienced incredible growth and were ready to take it even further with a new online presence.

Website Design

A New Look for Public House Brewing Company

CurlyHost brought the site to life, infusing it with all the welcoming character of the brewery itself. The website features warm imagery of the brewery, conveying the relaxed atmosphere that Public House created. A clean color palette of black and white keeps the website fresh, letting the imagery shine while still adding depth with heavy use of black.


Website Highlights