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Service-Based Website

Paragon Solutions

Paragon Solutions is a women-owned and women-managed engineering firm. They partner with leading technical experts and build long-term relationships with their partners and their customers. Paragon has provided unique technical solutions and outstanding services for over 23 years.

With a growing business in a tech-forward industry, Paragon Solutions reached out to CurlyHost to develop a website with a digital presence more reflective of their work and capabilities.

Web Design

A New Look for Paragon Solutions

We completely overhauled the Paragon Solutions website – giving their digital space more modern appeal while also helping highlight their experience and their technical expertise!

We included a few fun gadgets on their site to make the space more engaging and organize content in a meangingful way.

Website Highlights

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The CurlyCrew had a great time partnering with Paragon Solutions! The gorgeous results are the product of true collaboration and excellent communication. It was an honor working with a group of women that are leading the way in energy and engineering – make sure to check out their site!