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Northgate Resorts

Based in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Northgate Resorts proudly stands as the custodian of the nation’s most awarded Camp-Resort portfolio. Their unwavering passion revolves around curating exceptional experiences, allowing families of all kinds to weave cherished memories in the embrace of the great outdoors. With an extensive collection of 28 distinct resorts, they cater to every type of camper, ensuring their escape into nature is nothing short of extraordinary.

Recognizing the need to showcase their diverse array of resorts in an engaging manner, Northgate Resorts sought the expertise of CurlyHost. Collaborating closely, we set out to create a website that effortlessly captures the essence of each destination while offering a fun and intuitive navigation experience. The platform features a delightful blog section, keeping visitors informed about the latest news and enchanting imagery that beautifully showcases the unique offerings of each resort.

Web Development

A New Look for Northgate Resorts

Through this partnership, Northgate Resorts’ passion for family-centric adventures and nature-infused getaways comes to life. The website now stands as a gateway to discovery, drawing visitors into a world of adventure and relaxation. With CurlyHost’s artful touch, the website beckons travelers to explore our extraordinary destinations, inviting them to create timeless memories and immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty of nature. From rustic retreats to luxurious escapes, Northgate Resorts’ website celebrates the diversity of experiences we are proud to offer.

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