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Restaurant Website


JungleBird is a tropical paradise in the heart of Kalamazoo, MI where you can escape to the rich flavors of the Caribbean and Miami. Here you can make your next dining experience one to remember. Step into another world, full of flavorful cuisine and unforgettable tropical cocktails. Enjoy, relax, and soak up every beautiful moment.

CurlyHost partnered with JungleBird to create a beautiful, vibrant, rich website, aiming to match their unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Web Development

A New Site for JungleBird

JungleBird needed a website for their new restaurant, one that communicated the immersive and rich dining experience that they offer. CurlyHost created a website that was immersive and a joy to explore. The graphics, colors, and animation make a visit to the site an exciting and delightful experience, beautifully displaying all that JungleBird has to offer.

Website Highlights