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Product-Based Website


Innovakote is a company that was born from the idea of changing the powder coating industry. Powder coating is often promoted as being environmentally friendly, yet the waste of the product is filling our landfills with powder. Although the product and application process is better for the environment compared to our liquid counterparts, the powder coating industry still has a long way to go.

To further their business and environmental aspirations, Innovakote needed a digital refresh for their website that reflected the fresh, forward-thinking values at the heart of their comapny.

Web Design & Development

A New Look for Innovakote

CurlyHost created a new look for Innovakote, using a blend of organic shapes and dynamic movement to bring a modern vision to an older industry.

Each section flows seamlessly into the next and walks the user through the story and mission of Innovakote.


Website Highlights

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The CurlyCrew absolutely loved partnering with Next Stage Labs! Every step of the way they provided great feedback with their new branding assets and website! It was fun working with a group of women that are experts in the field of the ornamental plant industry – make sure to check out their site!