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Frontjes Painting

Since 1999, Frontjes Painting has remained a close-knit family enterprise, stemming from a father and son duo. This humble start has since flourished into a proficient team, adeptly accommodating the demands of the new construction industry. Their unyielding dedication to excellence is palpable in every brushstroke, as they consistently deliver top-tier craftsmanship.

In pursuit of a digital platform that mirrors their painting expertise and portfolio, Frontjes Painting enlisted the expertise of CurlyHost. 

Web Development

A New Look for Frontjes Painting

In the endeavor to portray their artistry and proficiency online, Frontjes Painting recognized the need for a digital canvas that could mirror their commitment to quality. Enter CurlyHost, whose mastery in web design seamlessly translated Frontjes Painting’s dedication to visual excellence into the digital realm. The website’s intuitive layout and user-friendly interface mirror the precision that Frontjes Painting brings to their work. Just as Frontjes Painting takes pride in leaving no detail overlooked, CurlyHost meticulously attended to every pixel and layout element, resulting in a website that stands as a testament to both teams’ commitment to their crafts.

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