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Service-Based Website

EPOCH Chicago

An emotive, cultured group that goes far beyond traditional real estate brokerage, EPOCH Chicago connects with the emotional needs of its clientele to find their unique living space in a city of opportunity. Specializing in the downtown Chicago market, EPOCH provides free leasing, buying, and selling services. Targeted at a client base looking for a very specific fit, EPOCH is in the business of fulfilling desires.

Website Development

A New Look for EPOCH Chicago

Website Design by Maker Creative Co.

EPOCH’s iconic branding is the epitome of modern elegance. Utilizing geometric shapes and slanted angles, the new EPOCH website communicates a refined, in-touch aesthetic. Filled with interstitial rewards, animations, and unique elements, the website emanates EPOCH’s brand and culture.

The new website includes interactive pages so users can get to know Chicago, and view EPOCH’s featured listings. With an engaging layout and clear navigation, the EPOCH website positions this cultured company to serve its clientele with elegance.

Website Highlights

Grand Rapids WordPress Website Design and Development
Grand Rapids WordPress Website Design and Development
Grand Rapids WordPress Website Design and Development

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The CurlyCrew absolutely loved partnering with Next Stage Labs! Every step of the way they provided great feedback with their new branding assets and website! It was fun working with a group of women that are experts in the field of the ornamental plant industry – make sure to check out their site!