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Blue Star Sports Apparel

Blue Star Sports Apparel, an innovator in custom sports apparel, has a rich history of introducing groundbreaking products, from American-made custom warm-ups in the 80s to pioneering sublimated uniforms for high school teams in 2000. Despite evolving their lineup to include stock warm-ups, custom uniforms, tents, and more, their unwavering commitment to top-notch customer service remains unchanged.

Blue Star has forged a dynamic collaboration with CurlyHost to design a cutting-edge website that reflects their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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A New Look for Blue Star

Recognizing the essential need for a user-friendly digital platform to assist athletes, schools, and coaches in finding suitable accommodations, Blue Star Sports Apparel, a trailblazer in custom sports apparel, has teamed up with CurlyHost.

This partnership is driven by a shared commitment to providing athletes with a seamless and informative experience, offering valuable information, connections, and resources to enhance their search for rental properties and ultimately improve their sports journey.

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