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American Realty Property Management

American Realty Property Management was founded in 2000 by James Eerdmans for the purpose of providing quality rental housing for tenants and unparalleled service to its property owners and tenants it serves. Its mission is to provide a superior rental experience for our tenants while protecting the assets of our clients.

American Realty has seen steady growth in recent years and worked with CurlyHost to expand its current site for the Grand Rapids location and move forward with a second site for its Kalamazoo location. 

Web Design & Development

A New Look for American Realty

The American Realty website is a unique project for CulyHost that showcases our commitment to building beautiful and maintainable websites for our clients with the best tools available.

When we started working with American Realty for their Grand Rapids site, CurlyHost had a wealth of experience developing projects with the Enfold theme, a super simple, drag and drop theme that was easy for clients to use. Once American Realty was ready to build a second site under the American Realty umbrella, CurlyHost was moving forward with building projects in Elementor in order to give clients maximum creative expression that was easy to manage. While both sites maintain a clear expression of the brand, CurlyHost packed in more features, functionality, and creativity by making the switch to Elementor

American Realty Grand Rapids Office

Website Highlights

American Realty Kalamazoo Office

Website Highlights