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Real Estate

CurlyHost has created real estate websites that help sell your space as well as websites for related industries, like interior design, brokerage, and transaction management consulting.

Grand Rapids WordPress Website Design and Development


Property Management

A real estate company specializing in association management for condominiums. 

Muller Realty

Commercial Real Estate Development

Grand Rapid’s oldest continually operating commercial real estate company.

Five Star Leaders

Realty Resources

Five Star Leaders is the internal resource website for agents at Five Star Realty. 


A Real Estate Brokerage Company

Specializing in the downtown Chicago market, EPOCH provides free leasing, buying, and selling services. Targeted at a client base looking for a very specific fit, EPOCH is in the business of fulfilling desires.


Commercial Real Estate Management

A well-established business in the heart of Grand Rapids, SIBSCO‘s website featured some unique challenges. Bringing their retro branding into a modern-day flat design with iconography required unique perspective.

Grand River Realty

Realty / Buying & Selling

Grand River Realty works with licensed brokers to help clients buy and sell property in the West Michigan area. Their client testimonials speak to their relational, empathetic way of approaching the buying and selling process.

Dave Draft

Transaction Management Consultant

Dave Draft provides leadership and consultancy services to large scale real estate and property management companies. He has expertise in all facets of project and transactional situations within the real estate industry.

Interphase Interiors

Interior Design Company

Interphase Interiors designs, furnishes and services creative, hardworking spaces for clients varying from Fortune 500 and government agencies to hospitals and universities.