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Pet Tales Rescue

Nonprofit Animal Rescue

 A network of fosters and volunteers that work to find the perfect homes for animals in need.

Bench & Field

Dog & Cat Food

Bench & Field is a nutrition-centric pet food company that sells it products both online and at Trader Joe’s nation wide. Started in 1926, Bench & Field uses healthy, natural ingredients.

Animal Behavior Consultants

Behavioral Treatment

Animal Behavior Consultants of Michigan help treat a wide variety of behavior problems in dogs, cats, and horses. Their goal is to prevent, treat and effectively manage behavior problems in companion animals to enhance and strengthen the human-animal bond.

Dog Love Repeat

Dog Boutique

Dog Love Repeat is the eCommerce platform for Minnesotan Kristin Trudeau and her line of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, boutique pet clothing and supplies.

Nature of the Dog

Dog Walking Services

Nature of the Dog is a Grand Rapids-based dog walking company. As an insured, bonded, and dog*tec certified company, Nature of the Dog is professional.

The Friesian Connection

Horse Boutique

The Friesian Connection is a family business started in 1984. It has since expanded into a well-established breeding program, training, selling, and importing horses from the Netherlands.

A Pleasant Dog

Dog Training

A Pleasant Dog helps urban dogs and their owners thrive amid the rigors of city life. Their training program meets the needs of dogs and their owners short on yard space and heavy on population density.