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Yoga Fever

Yoga Studio and Fitness Classes

YogaFever is a studio in Grand Rapids that focuses on total body transformation through yoga, barre, cycling, and other fitness classes.

New York Appellate Digest

Summaries on Law Decisions in New York

The New York Appellate Digest website is made up of concise summaries of recent decisions from all four departments of the appellate division and the court of appeals in an organized, searchable, continuously updated database.

Bob’s Brain

Power & Data Blog

Bob’s Brain is a dedicated service and guide for technical learning in power and data. It all stared with Bob Knapp, in his 35 years at Byrne Electrical, Bob built and led teams as their Director of Engineering and eventually as the Vice President of Engineering. For decades, he was the go-to guy on all matters technical.


Michigan Craft Beverage News Source

MittenBrew is backed by a team of seasoned writers and photographers who not only produce authentic content but live and breath the lifestyle. They work and play in breweries, distilleries, pubs, and independent restaurants. If there is an establishment and story worth sharing, they want to tell it.


National Security Blog

Marcy Wheeler is emptywheel, an independent journalist writing about national security and civil liberties.

Define & Create

How to Live Well Blog

Saeed El Saghir lives in a complex world. In order to optimize navigation through this complex world he’s gathered a framework with remix’s of many subject and experts called Define and Create.

Make it Fun

Crafting Blog

Make It Fun is an on-going collection of creative ideas for you, the maker and DIY aficionado. The blog shares lots of ideas, using a material that you may have overlooked or maybe never even considered.

Embracing Motherhood

Mommy Blog

Stacey Maaser is a mom, wife, teacher, researcher, aspiring nutritionist, cook and friend. Her blog, Embracing Motherhood, takes everything she’s learned and puts that information in an easy-to-read format.