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Tim Cusack

Professional Speaker/Author

Tim helps organizations highlight the importance of mental well-being in their workplace and help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health so that employees are not afraid to ask for the help they need.

Rachael Rose Media

Athletic Non-Profit & Author

Rachael Steil is an eating disorder in sports recovery advocate and the author of Running in Silence, which shares her story as an All-American athlete struggling with anorexia and binge eating.

Big Ten Book

Biography of The BIG10 Conference

Written by Ed Sherman, THIS IS B1G is a look at iconic athletes and coaches that left enduring legacies in the network.

Crooked Tree Stories

Publisher & Educator

Crooked Tree Stories offers a full range of publishing services as well as writing workshops and freelance writing. Whether a memoir, a novel, a children’s book, or a collection of short stories or poetry, it can be preserved in a beautifully bound book that can be treasured for generations.

The Stories of Your Life

Memoir Writting

Deb takes the time and worry out of the memoir you’ve been meaning to write and makes sure it gets done. The end result is a professional book told in your voice that your family and friends will treasure for generations to come.

Hey Nana!

Biography of a Grandchild

Hey Nana! is a story of a family recovering from tragedy, and the healing that love can provide. This project was unique in that it combines many elements from an ongoing story about family, love, devotion, grief, and hope.