Linda Bassford
fine artist

[I get great fulfillment from a client that is not only happy with my finished work,]

“I am an artist that enjoys painting oil landscapes, drawing architecture in pen and ink and pencil portraits of people and animals. I achieved a degree in illustration at Kendall School of Design in 1976 and found I favored graphite pencil, pen and ink, oils and acrylic to be the tools of my trade. These were set aside as the role of mothering became my most important job.”

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Meet Linda Bassford

“I can’t remember NOT having a desire to be an artist going all the way back to elementary school. When we were young and took family vacations to Leland, I admired the notecards sold in shops of artist sketches of the village and fishing boats. Being I love realism, well-known artists were another inspiration. The gift of an oil painting kit from my grandfather opened a world of color on small canvases which depicted either a landscape or the family dog. As our children grew, another significant person inspired my talent. My father-in-law suggested I draw our young children as a birthday gift for him. This opened a door that is my most requested art form today – pencil portraits of people, pets, and dog pencil portraits.”

“The greatest challenge for me has been self-confidence; to not compare my work to another artist and to know how to price my work.”

“It is hard to “sell yourself”. Most artists would rather get busy creating rather than marketing one’s self. I joined a business networking group and a local artists group years ago and this helped a lot. The other challenge was balancing art with being a mother, wife and home maker. The rewards have been tremendous, however. I get great fulfillment from a client that is not only happy with my finished work, but they feel it’s better than they expected. I have drawn a number of pets and people that are deceased, and the family can “see” them again.”

“When someone tells me years later they still enjoy my work, you can’t put a price tag on that.”

“In order to start this journey of following your passion, believe you have a product that people want and no one else can do this exactly like you. Be flexible and work well with people.”

“Be willing to re-work or start a project over. Your reputation is attached to your work.”

“The last 20 years have provided clients that desire not only portraits for themselves or gift giving, but artwork for a small card line, ink drawings of businesses, family cottages and lighthouses. I have been commissioned to also paint custom oil paintings and murals in private homes, restaurants, and businesses.”

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