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How to use a WordPress Blog

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Through this guide, we will be going over how to add/edit blog posts.


Once you are in the backend of your WordPress website you’ll be brought to the ‘Dashboard’. From here you will see a navigation menu on the left side of your screen. To get to blog ‘Posts’ click ‘Posts’.


Now you are on a page that lists all of your current posts. To add a new post click the small button near the top of your screen ‘Add New’.


This page is where you will put all the content that goes into a single post.

1. Add a post title.

If you end up needing to edit your post title, you’ll also want to edit the Permalink. Do this by clicking the ‘Edit’ button next to the current Permalink.

Type in your new post title and click the ‘OK’ button.

2. Add your post copy/content.

This next section is set up similar to how you would write an email, but with more features.

Check through the menu options/icons to see what each item does. You can bold text, link it to go to another page or website, add titles, quotes, and more.

3. Add images to your post.

If you want to add any images or videos in your post, place your cursor in the location you want the image or video to show. Then click the use ‘Add Media’ button.

That will open your website’s ‘Media Library’. From here you can select an image that is already added or upload a new one.

You can also add videos by clicking ‘Insert from URL’ then pasting a video link from Youtube or Vimeo.

Once your video or image is selected, click the red ‘Insert into post’ button.

If the image seems off (too big, blurry, etc.) you can always select the image, resize it or click the pencil icon to have more edit features.


An Excerpt is what will show if your website has a blog landing page. It’s pretty much a sentence that overviews your post or it can even be the first sentence(s) of your post. This will also be shown if you ever share your post on a social platform like Facebook. If you don’t add an Excerpt, when sharing your post one will automatically be pulled.


A Featured Image is the main photo of your post. It will show on social platforms when sharing, at the beginning of your post and on your blog landing page. To add a Featured Image scroll to the bottom of your post page. Click ‘Set featured image’.

That will open your website’s ‘Media Library’. From here you can select an image that is already in your ‘Media Library’ or upload a new one.

Once your image is selected click the red ‘Set featured image’ button.


Depending on your website layout, this is how your post will show up on different pages. It also helps when people are searching on your site for specific types of posts. (You can set multiple categories to your posts). Do this by checking the relevant categories in this section or add a new one.


Once all your post content has been added you’ll need to publish the post to make it live. Scroll to the top of the page and click the red ‘Publish’ button.

If you want to schedule your post for a later date click the ‘Edit’ text next to ‘Publish immediately’ and select the date and time you want this post to go live. Click the ‘OK’ button. Then that red button will change to say ‘Schedule’, click it.

If you want to just save your content and not Publish or Schedule yet click the ‘Save Draft’ button. Once your post is live so make sure to check the frontend of your website to see if everything is showing up properly.

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