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Paradigm Wellness

Alternative Health & Wellness

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360 Wellness

Therapeutic Services

Health isn’t merely the absence of pain and disease, but the presence of harmony in your body and life. 360 Wellness clinicians are professional, educated, humble, and ready to help you reach optimal health.

Sound Body Sound Brain

Holistic Health & Wellness through Movement

Focusing on providing targeted healing using sound, Sound Body Sound Brain works with the Feldenkrais method to bring gentle therapy to the body.

Dr. Jami Grich

Couples Psychologist

Dr. Jami Girch is a couples psychologist helping partners find both passion and peace in their relationship. She works with motivated individuals to help them find their joy.

Brookville Pediatric + Internal Medicine

Pediatric Doctor

Brookville Pediatric + Internal Medicine offers “old school family care” in the Grand Rapids area. Their doctors treat everyone from newborns to adults, and offer flexible hours to accommodate families.


Brain Performance Training

Neurocore helps clients struggling with mental performance issues, including ADHD, autism, depression, and even sleep issues. They identify the root cause of those problems and then trains the brain to deal with them.

Fogg Chiropractic

Holistic Chiropractic Care

Offering a warm, family-friendly environment that welcomes patients of all ages, Dr. Fogg’s mission is to provide all of the tools necessary for the Chiropractic patient’s journey to optimum health while teaching the basic tools for the prevention of disease.

Dynamic Movement And Recovery

Physical Therapy

 DMR is committed to applying an updated approach to improving movement and treating pain for their patients by using a Biopsychosocial model in their treatment and movement enhancing approach.

West Michigan Orthopaedics


West Michigan Orthopaedics is a Grand Rapids-based medical practice. They specialize in sports medicine, hip arthroscopy, and joint replacement.

Heartbeat LLC

CPR Training

Heartbeat LLC is a certified American Heart Association training center founded by Tim O’Connor over twenty years ago. They have trained tens of thousands of individuals in American Heart Association CPR and First Aid.

Option 2

Selling at Pharmacies

Option 2® Levonorgestrel Tablet, 1.5 mg is manufactured by Perrigo Company and offers a safe, low-cost, one tablet back-up option for women who may be at unexpected risk of pregnancy.


Selling at Pharmacies

From Perrigo Company plc, ScarAway® helps make scars years old flatter, smoother, less visible and closer to your skin’s natural color and texture.

Alive Naturals

Contract Manufacturing

Alive Naturals offers experienced, trustworthy and innovative solutions for all your custom nutritional manufacturing needs. They specialize in contract manufacturing and contract formulation.