Maintenance Package

A website does not look out for itself, it must be looked after. Signing up for an annual maintenance program gives you the peace of mind that your website will function as intended. The primary goal is to keep your site free from malware, hacks, and general downtime.


Click Through

Each month, we’ll click through your site to make sure things are looking and functioning as they should.

Plugin Update

Each month, we’ll make sure your plugins are up to date and functional. If a better plugin comes along that will do a better job, we’ll switch it out.

Framework Update

We’ll make sure your website is using the latest version of WordPress, as well as the most recent version of your theme.

Design Tweaks

If there’s something creatively off that we notice while we’re in your site we will make sure to spot check for things that you may not notice.


We’ll scan the site using Wordfence to check for any malicious files or files that have been changed in some way.

Extra Details

We’ll check online maps, forms, and social media to make sure things are still connected and pulling in content properly.

Please Note

Maintenance is the first defense to catch things before they become a problem. But things can still go wrong. This maintenance package does not guarantee that your website will always be free from errors. However, you can have peace of mind that if something does happen, our team will be there to take care of it. If you notice anything strange on your site, fill out our form, and we’ll address it right away.

CurlyHost is not a hosting company and we do not keep backups of your websites locally on our servers. A backup of your site will be kept internally within your site and we can set it up to take regular backups on your hosting platform. If your site is deleted from within your hosting account there won’t be anything we can do to restore it.