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The creation of a website can take all shapes and sizes. From updating just the branding, to setting a strong visual tone, to building a social media presence that is cohesive to the rest of your website, there are many ways that the Curly Crew can partner with your team to make your digital hopes and dreams come true. Primarily, we focus on the WordPress design and buildout and then work through the rest of the items that surround your website. Below is just a sample of everything we can bring to the table with our adaptive approach. How could we partner with your team?

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How We Implement

Our Adaptive Approach…

Our adaptive approach is a structured and systematic process that allows you to gradually improve your decisions and practices by learning from the outcomes of decisions made at previous stages in the project.

Our process flexes with your ideas as your concept of your online persona gets more definite, ultimately boosting your value. We use this approach to ensure that the website that we launch feels authentic to your voice.

map of the CurlyHost process flow

1. Project Strategy

5 - 10 Hours: Planning + Laying The Groundwork

A website or brand is only as useful as the thought, time, and effort put into planning and laying the groundwork. We take the time to understand exactly what you want and need and then we stick with you through the process and keep things moving along. We will be your biggest cheerleader and website coach as we navigate this process.

2. Brand Development

10 - 20 Hours: Logo + Supporting Graphics 

We work with you to find colors, fonts, icons, illustrations, patterns that all support your overall tone and brand goals. The end result will be a logo that fits cohesively within an entire visual language that can be used throughout the site design and ongoing content marketing needs.

3. Content Editing

10 - 20 Hours: Content Editing For UX Goals

You know your business better than anyone. But writing clear, concise, and compelling content, is something we pride ourselves on. We take your thoughts, current content, and a dash of creativity to organize your messaging intuitively into pages with an understandable sitemap. We get into the seat of your users and make sure your language meets their needs!

4. Layout Design

10 - 20 Hours: Homepage Design

Layout design is the harmony between the content and visual elements on a website page. We play Tetris with the layout until everything fits together nicely. In this phase, we ensure the designs feature the right kinds of content and adds news spaces where content could be developed. At this point, it’s vital to raise concerns as to where additional functionality might be integrated or unique pages that will need to be considered.

5. Revisions

~ Hours: Revisions + Revisions

Website design is a layered and involving process. We often cycle through a few iterations, remaining flexible to get it just right. This is a natural part of the creative process and one that we encourage you to have a voice in.

6. Web Development

30 - 40 Hours: Website Development

This is when things really start moving along! The Curly Crew will build out sections and pages of your website, and give you the opportunity to give feedback and leave edits to ensure that the end results shows your visual voice and fills your needs. We will use programs that will enable you to be as involved with the feedback and design as you want and pull in your internal team to build out sections to keep our hours down.

7. Functionality

10 - 20 Hours: Testing & Development

Every website needs to do something different. We research and test to find the best suited plugins and extensions for your website’s needs and then make sure to style them so they fit seamlessly into the rest of the layout design. During the development phase, we are actively checking everything on the back end to make sure it all functions as it should.

8. More Revisions

~ Hours: Revisions + Revisions

That's right, after we build out the site new thoughts and ideas come up and it's good to get right back in there for all of those last minute tweaks you'd like to see made.

9. Social Implementation

5 - 10 Hours: Facebook + Instagram 

Learning how to deconstruct all of the items on your website into a cohesive social media strategy can be daunting. We make sure all of your social media accounts are updated and that you have some content to post from Canva templates. 

10. Print Materials

5 - 10 Hours: Business Cards + Trifolds

We want to make sure the physical versions of your brand look as good as the digital versions. We will work with you to create any print materials to help your business grow!

11. Training & Launch

5 - 10 Hours: It's Alive!

We want you to be confident with making changes to your website! We will create guides to show you how to edit images, change text, create blog posts, and any other thing you may need to edit down the road - because, after all, it is YOUR website. Then, we launch your website out into the world we make sure you know how to get into the back end to track the numbers and double check you know where to go to make edits.

12. Post-Launch Edits

5 - 10 Hours: Did we forget about something? Launching a website isn’t quite as easy as pushing a button and walking away. We make final edits, tie up loose ends to make sure everything looks great so that you can be excited to show off your new website!

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