Meet the CurlyCrew

a team of fantastic female freelancers

CurlyHost is a female-founded company employing a talented team of all-female freelancers. And if you hadn’t noticed, we are proud of it! We love what we do – creating and developing websites!

Keep scrolling to meet the cool ladies of CurlyHost.

Meet Andrea

Creative Director

Growing up, Andrea Napierkowski was fostered with an insatiable thirst to learn. Being homeschooled, she was able to start college at the age of 14. She explored many different educational paths ranging from science to history to cooking and finally international relations. Stumbling upon web development in her early 20s, Andrea found herself finishing 50 websites within her first year of freelance.

With her appreciation for different viewpoints, Andrea has excelled at creating fresh and original design concepts, curating a unique and growing portfolio. As the business grew, Andrea’s team and output also grew. To date, CurlyHost has worked on over 650 websites in ten years.

When I’m not building websites I’m…

Meet Malinda

Artist + Creator

Malinda Spohn is an accomplished artist, illustrator, web developer, and content creator.

When I’m not building websites I’m…

Meet Jamie

Marketing Aficionado

Jamie Spohn is a website development, layout, design, and marketing aficionado with a knack for e-commerce. From a young age, Jamie jumped right into problem-solving the web, print, and marketing world. As an entrepreneur, Jamie is fueled by helping other businesses succeed in developing a strong brand. 

When I’m not building websites I’m…

Meet Sarah

Web Developer

Sarah Riley enjoys following her curiosity wherever it leads. With a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Full Stack Web Development certificate from Lambda School, she’s a book nerd who loves bringing stories to life with technology. 

When I’m not building websites I’m…