Grand Rapids WordPress Website Design and Development

[HAS HEART] is a unique organization that connects veterans with artists who help to tell their stories. Their mission is to uplift US veterans, building a bridge between them and civilians. [HAS HEART]’s HERO[SERIES] ArtPrize exhibit was juror selected as a top five entry. [HAS HEART] is touring all 50 states, connecting people across the US with a veteran and graphic designer representing every state.

The HAS HEART website project involved creating an interactive map of all 50 states, connected to a portfolio representing the project from that state. Our challenge was to tell each veteran and artist’s story through the web medium. Custom fonts, video sections, and polaroid-looking photos add to the website’s unique design.

One of the most significant pieces of the [HAS HEART] website was allowing staff and volunteers to modify it themselves allowing the organization to launch new content at a rapid pace as they travel through the US.