Emerald Leisure Source

Grand Rapids WordPress Website Design and Development

Emerald Leisure Source is a Grand Rapids based company that sells, well, fun. Providing quality, luxury brands, Emerald is a fully-stocked leisure store selling everything from pools to pool tables.

Collaborating with the team at MoxieMen on project management and copywriting,  web pages were designed to be straightforward. We created simple sections in a neat vertical line with overlapping elements, staggered columns, and background images. We displayed each of Emerald’s products with clear, pleasant imagery bringing in the branding colors of yellow and green to create clear sections for easy browsing.

The Emerald Leisure Source website also features lightboxes for photo viewing. Each product pops into our lightbox galleries so that users can have a better look. At different screen sizes, the Emerald website adapts to remain user-friendly. Whether on a 4K desktop or a tiny iPhone 5, the Emerald website communicates its branding messages and looks, well, fun.