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We know it can be hard getting started on a brand – a websitea big idea! That is why we have put together this checklist of helpful links and resources to get you going! There are a lot of things you can do before starting on your Curly Journey and you can do things right now!

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What is your company name?

Have a great idea for the name of your business? Click here to see if it's available!

Make it legal!

Make sure you get your LLC registered before you start receiving payments. Click here to register your LLC in Michigan online. 

*You’ll submit the 700 - Articles of Organization Form at $50 with a $50 expedited fee if you want it reviewed in 24 hours.

What is your domain name?

Don’t have one yet? Click here to see if your domain is available. Have one purchased but need hosting? Try the Micro Hosting package at WPX for super fast, secure, and affordable hosting.

Will you be receiving payments?

The eCommerce aspect of your website will be built with WooCommerce extensions. To make sure payments are deposited correctly, you need make sure there is a way for it to get there. After you file your LLC, head to your bank to open a business checking account. Once you have your account and routing number ready, sign up for Stripe and connect it to your business checking account. From there you'll receive an API which will connect your website to your business checking account and you'll be set to receive payments.

File your taxes easier.

Wave is FREE and works great for getting your accounting setup correctly so taxes will be a breeze. Sign up for an EIN for your business to pay your taxes and protect your privacy. 

Do you have a visual language for your brand?

A business needs more than a logo. It needs a style that is cohesive and consistent throughout its marketing. Head to Canva to develop the visual language for your brand.

What are your social profiles?

Make sure there is a difference between your personal profiles and business profiles. Here are some quick links for setting up your business social profiles!


What's your brand's tone?

Your tone can get lost in your design. Separate the content from your layout and run it through Grammarly Pro to get an outsiders opinion on how your content is doing.

Need something printed?

When you need to print something lovely, try these companies:


Does your site need to do more stuff?

Check out LearnDash and these features!

Checkout Ultimate Members and these features!

What is your brand name?

Don’t have one? Check out this link for getting an LLC>

What is your domain and where is it hosted?

Don’t have one? Head to>

Do you have an established brand created?

Could your current brand use a facelift? Click here to find your style! Want to explore on your own? Head to Canva!

What are your social profiles?

Don’t have them? Check out these links for setting up business profiles!





Do you have a brand voice?

What is your vision - mission - services - purpose? Does our current website communicate that clearly? How can you evaluate that?

1. Take your website copy/text and run it through Grammarly (check out its Pro Features)>

2. Once you have edited copy/text place that in a Google Document for further evaluation.

3. Reach out to CurlyHost for additional insight!

Looking to print?

Business Cards - Marketing Materials - Stationary + More... Check out these companies to get started:



OR reach out to CurlyHost if you need design work!>

Want to sell things on your site?

Get a feel for how your store will work at>

Need a payment Gateway setup?

Stripe is a great program!

Need billing and invoicing?

Wave is FREE and works great for getting your business setup correctly.

Does your site need to teach people things?

Check out LearnDash and these features!

Does your site need to have members login and do things?

Checkout Ultimate Members and these features!

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